Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Avery Claire was so excited about Valentine's Day this year...mainly because she knew they were having a party at school. And someone might have mentioned candy was usually involved in Valentine's Day. The girl thinks candy is the main food group.

We made cupcakes the Sunday before Valentine's Day.  photo DSC_0099_zps66f7532e.jpg photo DSC_0098_zps66bfd302.jpg photo DSC_0097_zpsb5b23d50.jpg

She enjoyed them!
 photo DSC_0096_zpscd087383.jpg

She asked every day that week if it was "Balentine's." So when Dusty picked her up Tuesday and they told him she'd complained about her red, itchy eye, we were afraid she was going to have to miss her Valentine's party {which was Wednesday}. But they told him as long as she started drops that day, she could come back to school the next. This was her poor face Wednesday morning, after I helped her get her eyes open.  photo 600695_10200487476966661_779336061_n_zpsf29d9b42.jpg
We cleaned her up and she was ready to go! I had no problem getting her drops in that morning because I told her if she didn't, she couldn't go to her party!
  photo DSC_0105_zpsd82f8d0a.jpg           photo DSC_0103_zps33d9aa38.jpg   

I whipped up a V-Day shirt the night before the actual day. Talk about last minute. I tried to get a picture before school. The eye was still giving us issues.
  photo DSC_0109_zps057da359.jpg photo DSC_0108_zpsf8bc3671.jpg photo DSC_0107_zpsf2ea6b33.jpg

But after school, she was feeling better!!
  photo DSC_0118_zps6d542ba7.jpg photo DSC_0117_zpsf6dbb1ea.jpg photo DSC_0115_zps01ffe613.jpg        
 photo DSC_0112_zpsca73d56b.jpg                       photo DSC_0111_zps9e4af2a8.jpg

She was even more excited when we gave her a few Valentine goodies {which included a new short sleeve princess shirt} AND told her that her BFF Becca was coming to see her. That's a perfect day in her world!
Seriously, because Becca's husband had class the night of Valentine's Day, she called two weeks ago and told us that we WERE going on a date and that she was keeping Avery Claire. I felt guilty, but we didn't argue! How awesome is my sweet friend! They don't come better than her!
  photo DSC_0122_zpsf4fe742f.jpg photo DSC_0120_zps79882fd8.jpg

George and Cowowado

We had a couple of more pretty days to play outside before rainy, cold weather returned and we made the most of it!
 photo DSC_0081_zps81886355.jpg

This girl has mastered the iPad. She has an app called Lunch Box that she loves!! It has a picture of a monkey, so she says, "I wanna pway George" because she thinks it's Curious George.
At first, she needed help with the puzzles and the matching game. After a couple of weeks, she's got it all on her own and needs no help! She loves playing it and we love that she enjoys it and it's educational! Not to mention it's awesome to have at restaurants and in the car...
 photo DSC_0084_zpsef5d2027.jpg

 photo DSC_0083_zps5c713366.jpg

I busted out the monogramming machine again {after it spent a few days in the shop getting a new something}.
 photo 547852_10200458649846001_1590578267_n_zps56365544.jpg

 photo DSC_0089_zps189261f9.jpg    

I love this outfit. I didn't make it {'cause I've been asked}. I bought it over a year ago and she's finally grown into it and I got it monogrammed. Ask her if she likes turtlenecks when you see her...the girl despises a turtleneck!

 photo DSC_0091_zps61fec971.jpg photo DSC_0088_zps2779cc4c.jpg

She ran and ran this particular afternoon. She told me, "Mama, I wunning to Cowowado." {Colorado} Who knows where she heard the word Colorado?
 photo 563302_10200445919287745_1969846556_n_zps552ef601.jpg

Could you not just eat that sweet face up?! I was teaching her how to play "red light."
 photo 529808_10200445907007438_1020098676_n_zps273337d2.jpg

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hurry Up, Spring {with stats}

I'm getting behind again. It's amazing how quickly it happens.

We ate dinner with sweet friends Friday night. I might get in trouble if I tell you who they were because we're from different sides of the track. ;-)
But I'm gonna post the pictures of Aidan and Avery Claire doing flips and toe touches.

Aidan is a "real" gymnast. Avery Claire wants to be a cheerleader, so they got along perfectly.

 photo DSC_0069_zps8eb5d569.jpg photo DSC_0068_zps76b7e465.jpg 
I promise my child didn't wear that t-shirt to eat dinner. The first thing she does when she enters our house is run straight to get a short-sleeved shirt. This drives me crazy because she has some really cute clothes. All she wants to wear are t-shirts. And Nikes. Unless it's her red, sparkly Dorothy shoes. She'll wear those in a heartbeat.
  photo DSC_0067_zpse5c18e3d.jpg
Guess who demonstrated a toe touch for Avery Claire last week? With a little a lot of help from Dusty, I executed a toe touch like I was still in high school have just turned 30.

I do manage to talk her into long sleeve shirts occasionally. Like here.
  photo DSC_0059_zpsb85c3082.jpg
I have no doubt she's watching Dora: Grandma's House again. It's her favorite. It'll win out over Max and Ruby 9 out of 10 times.
  photo DSC_0062_zpsaf828fd9.jpg
I never thought she'd actually sit down and watch anything on TV. She's still an extremely busy girl, but she will watch this entire episode of Dora.
  photo DSC_0063_zps8dd899e1.jpg
By the way, she loves that Dora calls her grandma "abuela." She tells me "I have uh abuela."
 photo DSC_0066_zps369a40f5.jpg
Two words for that picture: Terrible Two's. And don't tell me three's are worse. I don't wanna hear it.

Today was absolutely beautiful. We managed to make it outside for about 45 minutes of warmth and sunshine. It was wonderful. I told Dusty it felt like the beginning of spring. He told me not to count on it. I know we'll have a lot more cold before spring, but it sure did make me excited about playing outside in the warm weather! And the groundhog did say spring was coming early, right?
  photo DSC_0076_zpsb1a72d82.jpg photo DSC_0078_zpsed0ff7c3.jpg photo DSC_0077_zps283788e0.jpg
Avery Claire is looking forward to playing outside again after school tomorrow!

Right after school today, Avery Claire had to go for a recheck to make sure her UTI had cleared up. All was well and the fiber gummies seem to be doing their job again, finally. Please say a little prayer they continue to work. If we get another UTI and constipation continues to be an issue {and causes more UTI's}, we're going to ask to be sent to a specialist. I really don't want to have to go that route! I meant to record her stats from the last few appointments, but just never got around to it.

Today's were:
Height:37 inches
Weight: 34.5 pounds
Blood pressure: 88/58

I keep meaning to do a post about funny things Avery Claire says, but I guess I just need to post them randomly or I'm gonna forget them.
Here's a couple. They won't be funny to you because 1) You're not her parent and 2) You have to hear her say things. I've got to record her "making a point." She says something really loud and stretches out her syllables to try to make us understand. It probably doesn't sound like she's being very nice, but it's funny.

We were reading a book about different kinds of trucks at the doctor's office. I was reading about the milk truck.
Avery Claire: "Milk doesn't come from twucks!"
Mommy: "Where does milk come from?"
AC: "the wunchwoom!!" {lunchroom!}

We got home and I said "Ask Daddy to come play with us. Go say "You wanna go outside and play with us, Dad?"
AC: "He's not DAD!!!! He's Daddy!!"

AC: "Mommy, when I'm big, I might dwive ewe down the wode!"