Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of School 2013

School was officially over last Friday, but because my school is going to be closed for a few weeks b/c of new tile/asbestos/new parking lot, etc, I really needed to work some this week. So, Avery Claire went to daycare and I worked and got a few things done before daycare ended for the summer. I know, I'm a horrible mom!

So, today was her last day of "school" this year. She is so excited because she will be in "Mrs. Susan with red jacket's class" in August, with her friend Ella Lawson who moved up already. Her teacher, Mrs. Susan, has a white jacket {that she wore in the winter} and the teacher in the older kids class has a red jacket. I don't know if any of the other kids call them "Mrs. Susan with the __________ jacket," but that's how she distinguished betweent the two when she was talking to us.

I am so excited about spending the summer at home with my sweet girl! No one is taking classes, we aren't moving {hopefully!!}, and we have no big plans...except to relax, play, swim, go to the beach, visit the splash pad....

Here's my baby on the first day of school:

 photo 308-1.jpg

And here she is on her last day of school!! 

Breakfast at Bojangles!

We are so thankful for such a wonderful year!! We had the sweetest teachers who loved our girl so much. She loved going to school every day and that makes a mama's heart happy!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deprived Child {Slightly Used Cozy Coupe}

Our subdivision has a private Facebook page, and anytime someone needs to get rid of something, it's posted on the page for anyone to claim. A family down the street posted toys their kids had outgrown, so I claimed the Cozy Coupe because Avery Claire loves to use our neighbor Parker's CC. 

This was one excited little girl when I threw that little car in the back of the Tahoe. She drove all over "town."

There's one tiny problem with hand-me-down toys. Sometimes parts are missing. In this case, it's a door. 

That did not stop her. She has gotten hours of entertainment from her car. And she told me she really hopes we can find a blue and green door to put on it sometime. 

Do you know how much Cozy Coupes are? They aren't very much. Our poor, deprived child has gone without one for her whole little life. This one does have a lot of charm, but we may just have to break down and buy her one that has a MATCHING door!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

We spent Dusty's {33rd}birthday weekend at home with lots of laziness and lots of family and we enjoyed every second! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and we took full advantage. 

As is my custom, when I should be taking pictures, I'm just not. I managed a few here and there, but I've gotta get better at this!

We are so thankful for such a sweet husband and Daddy who makes us giggle and takes care of us. We love you so very much, D, and are so glad God picked us all for one another.

We bought Daddy a chocolate cake and somebody became shy when it was time to sing Happy Birthday!
I will note that both aunts were here!! I had one picture of one of them that I was instructed not to put on here.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ready for the Summer Slowdown!!

School has been super busy lately. Trying to finish inventory for the first time in the middle of weeding old books (check these out below), giving the ARMT and the new Aspire tests, trying to figure out how next year is gonna work without my library clerk/lifesaver, bus duty, and a surprise book giveaway, life has been hectic. 

These were my sweet helpers this year. And I'm gonna be lost next year with Tammy. I can't even really think about it or I get way overwhelmed!

The Brother has also been super busy monogramming!! I attempted a pocket tee last night and think I'm getting it figured out! 

And because no one really cares about any of that, here's the main attraction. I might have already posted these here (I did on Facebook and Instagram), but it might make you smile even if you've already seen it. Silly girl.

I can't wait until breakfast with this girl can be as long and leisurely as we like!! Officially, summer is here!!! However, I have a lot of work to get done at school before they start tearing up/replacing asbestos tile, so I'm gonna work next week and let Avery Claire spend a few more days with her friends!!

Busy Weekend at Home

Avery Claire and I had hat day last weekend. We spent Saturday running errands, washing clothes, and monogramming!

We made a quick mall run late and Avery Claire had dinner.

Daddy ran in WalMart after church and Miss Priss hopped up front to drive.

Sunday afternoon, we did more monogramming and Avery Claire did some painting.

Avery Claire enjoyed gummie bears with a little bit of "white ice cweam." 

She skipped her nap and this is what Dusty found about 6:40.

After I made her get up and get a shower, this was her at 6:57. I was very prepared to be up by 5 am Monday morning, but she wasn't ready to get up at 6:30 when I woke her up.

Friday, May 17, 2013

"Spwinkle" Day

Avery Claire's class got to go outside Wednesday for "Sprinkler Day" {"Spwinkle Day", as she called it}. She was so excited all week and couldn't wait to get to school Wednesday morning.  

I could eat that cuteness with a spoon.

I am so thankful she has sweet teachers who take and send pictures so we don't miss out on special fun days!
I had my doubts she'd even go through the sprinklers, but maybe the showers she's taken lately have gotten her ready!

She loves her sweet friend, Gavin. She tells me he is her boyfriend. I tell her, of course, that he is her friend who is a boy and that she isn't allowed to have a boyfriend at 3 years old. She can have one when she's 33. She says Gavin told her he was her boyfriend. I told her to tell Gavin her Mama and Daddy said she couldn't have a boyfriend. I have no doubt she told him. But aren't they so cute and sweet? She still wants to go to Target with Gavin, only she thinks they're going shopping and he means he wants her to go to target practice with him and his brother.

I think she enjoyed the sprinklers.

Isn't this sweet?

I love this picture, too. Could you imagine teaching 8-12 three year olds everyday? I know I couldn't do it, but Mrs. Misty and Mrs. Susan are so awesome and my sweet girl loves going to school every day to see them. 

Sprinkler Day in May can only mean one thing, right? Summer is almost here! We have ONE WEEK LEFT of school!!!!! 

{I am planning to work some that week after Memorial Day, and Avery Claire is going to school, but it's so much easier to get up and go to work when you know you don't really have to be there!!}

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Being a Mommy

I have always thought these little questionnaires were so precious and I was tickled when Avery Claire brought one home from school last week. Their theme last week was "Moms," so they talked all about their mommies' names and jobs and favorite things.

I love that she said I make her Frosted Flakes and donuts. And that we play soccer ball? The only soccer ball we own is a tiny rubber one that she got from the treasure box at school. But that's why these are funny, right? You never know what they're gonna say. 

Last night, Dusty and Avery Claire secretly went to fill out my Mother's Day card. She promptly ran in to tell me "I got ewe a card!" And she told me I could open it "tamorrow," but would not put it up. She insisted on holding it and put it under her when she knew she was getting sleepy.

This morning, after I opened it, hugged her and told her she was my favorite girl, she said "I so gwad I got ewe a card." 

She made this sweet handprints page during church this morning. I want those sweet hands to stay little with their little dimples and they look more like a big girl's hands every day.

We went to Clay County last weekend, so we stayed home this weekend. Although we hated not seeing our moms on Mother's Day, it has been nice to relax at our house all weekend. We haven't done much of anything, which is rare and so very nice every now and then!

I've gotten lots of snuggles in with this girl because she has been in need of a nap...she pretends she doesn't need one and we try to keep her awake so bedtime will be so much easier!

I absolutely love being a mommy to my sweet girl more than words could ever say. I am blessed beyond measure with the funniest, cutest, sweetest, sassiest little girl in the world and a sweet husband who never fails to make me laugh and is the best daddy to our sweet girl. I am so thankful for the example of 'Mom' that I grew up with. God gave me the most selfless, hard-working, loving, devoted Mama in the world. I'm so grateful for a precious mother-in-law who treats me like one of her own and who gave me my sweet "honey." (Avery Claire thinks it's so funny to hear that someone is your "honey.")

Our preacher talked today about about how the most important things we can do for our kids is to teach them about Jesus and his sacrifice, to show them our love for Jesus above all else, and to live as the kind of Christian we hope they grow up to be. He asked everyone to question "Am I the kind of Christian I want my kids to be one day?" That's a lot to think about, huh? No matter what my sweet baby grows up to be, no matter where she lives, my hope for her is that she knows and loves and talks to Jesus. I want to be the kind of mama that helps her get there.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Here's what I found earlier today when I walked in the playroom. I have a tiny pair of sewing scissors in a box near the monogramming machine. Avery Claire knows they are not for kids - only for grown-ups.

Two of her biggest "dreams" as a three year old are to use scissors and chew gum. I don't know how she got the scissors, but she snagged them and promptly cut every tag off of every item we purchased at Target yesterday. Then she proceeded to snip at the edges of every tag she cut off. I know you can't tell from this picture, but those tags have very jagged edges. 

So, if anyone is interested in a pair of purple glittery flip flops in a size 9/10 that are too big for Avery Claire AND possibly a pair if 3T white shorts that I was going to try on her and return if necessary, let me know. Target is great about returns, but I'm not sure how they'd feel about butchered tags. 

I'm hoping she got the scissor thing out of her system. We might as well let her have a go at chewing gum.