Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blessed and Thankful

These two, y'all....words cannot come close to telling you how thankful I am for them. 

When I married Dusty almost eight and a half years ago, I was so excited that we were going to get to wake up in the same bed, go to sleep in the same bed, and that I was going to get to just do life with him. I never hesitated about living three hours away from our families because we had one another. I had no preconceived notions that marriage would be a piece of cake, but we'd been together so long that I thought we had most of it figured out. I thought I knew what it would mean to be a coach's wife. 

Other than the fact that he will forever simply put the roll of toilet paper on top of the empty one and I will forever leave the water running the entire time I brush my teeth, we adjusted to the living together thing so easily. And I am, to this day, so thankful that he's the one I get to go to bed with and wake up to every morning. But, wow..... Our eight and a half years have been filled with address changes, job changes, working to add to our degrees, and most importantly, adding the cutest, sweetest, liveliest little girl to our family. I have been reminded over the last six months exactly why I want to do life with him. He loves our little girl like no other man ever will.  He makes me laugh. He reminds me sometimes daily that the little things that stress me out are just that-little things. We have learned a lot about ourselves and I could not be more sure that as long, as we have one another and our baby girl, we are beyond blessed and have all we'll ever need, no matter where we live or what job we have. He makes me so very proud to be his wife. 

And this girl.... I tell her that God couldn't have sent us a more perfect little girl. She amazes me every day with how precious, sweet, and kind-hearted she is. She loves to give compliments and works so hard to have good manners and be a good listener. She is strong-willed and becoming so independent. She loves to sit in the rocking chair at night and "talk about our fami-wy", (which means she wants us to list every person we can think of and tell her their last names). There is nothing sweeter than to hear her say "you're my best fwend!" 

She loves books and babies and parties and couldn't be a more girly-girl. If I had special-ordered a child, she is exactly what I'd have asked for.
I am so proud of the "big girl" she is becoming and so thankful that I get to be her mommy.

We are beyond blessed with supportive, precious family who will never know how grateful we are for them. I thank God every night I can lay in my bed and take a deep breath knowing that we are all safe and healthy. I am such a blessed girl.

Miss Independent

We are all into the Miss Independent, "I can do it myself" phase. So, Saturday morning, this chick dressed herself. Being the laid-back mom that I am (Ha!), I went with it. I told her she might want to get some leggings on under her skirt.

So she did....

And being the even more laid-back mom that I am, I encouraged her independence and let her wear her ensemble to Arby's for lunch.

I did talk her into changing before we went to deliver a meal to a fellow teacher who had surgery.

After church Sunday. I could eat that cheesey smile up.

And we spent a lazy afternoon at home.

We even pulled out a few decorations. 

Avery Claire took this picture of her tree. She is so, so proud of it!

And if you know her, you know how rare it is that she falls asleep while there is still playing time left in the day. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Modeling Her Monogram

My sweet model...I'm making it a point to get some things monogrammed/appliqu├ęd for her. I always put her stuff on the back burner until I'm done with everyone else's, which means that I never get her stuff done.

And her Daddy says she doesn't care about all of that monogrammed stuff. She loves to wear something with her "name" on it!

We had dinner with Becca Thursday night and Avery Claire sat by herself after we ate. She talked and talked to the imaginary people at her table. I so love that she has such a good imagination!

We're so glad it's Friday! We have absolutely no plans at all for the weekend and cannot wait to just stay at home!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Precious Moments (but she prefers leggings)

You know you make too many trips to he fabric store when this is what you turn around to find...

She was disappointed, though, when all they had in the candy dish was Werther's. All of this time, she thought they filled it with kisses and mini Reese cups just for her.

And here's a girl who was devastated over having to wear tights to church.
She lets me know often that she likes leggings, but not tights.

She got over it.

Ready for gymnastics. Could you not eat her with a spoon?!

Last night: "Mama, I'm gonna do my legs just like yours!" And she was holding onto my hand. 

She's growing up so, so fast. Too, too fast. I'm so thankful for her and for every sweet moment she gives us. For all of the moments I doubt myself, those moments make me realize we're doing something right. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Disney on Ice

Last weekend, Becca, Avery Claire, Lorie,Chloe, Lorie's sister, and I headed to B'ham to meet Nana for Christmas Village. We got no pictures at Christmas Village because, let's be honest, it was overly crowded and slightly stressful!

Chloe is, in her words, too old for Disney on Ice, so they headed home.

We headed to see Heroes and Princesses on Ice. I absolutely loved seeing my sweet girl's excitement as she took it all in.

I hav to share this picture, even though only we will find it funny. We asked this very tech-competent guy in front of us to take our picture. We got 5 just like this:

And I have no idea why my middle finger was sticking out. At that point, I thought he was getting all 5 of us. ;-)

We asked the sweet people behind us to try, and they were successful.

This girl had a ball! Her favorite part: the dragon that spit real fire!

This was her before we even put her in the car. She fell asleep on the walk back to the parking deck.

She took a 30 minute nap and was ready to go! 

"Mom, take my picture while I sit on this couch!"

She relaxed a bit before bed at the hotel.

And I guess you'd think she was deprived, because it was almost like she'd never seen a real phone.

We had so much fun on our quick trip! I think we need to make it a yearly occasion!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

Dr. Davis before our two- stop Halloween trip on Halloween night...

Because it was rainy on Halloween, our neighborhood decided to move our trick-or-treat night to Saturday. We all met for a group picture before we headed out...

Everyone with kids left their candy buckets on the front porch for trick-or-treaters. The Dr. had a ride. 

She was a big girl...not sure the neighbors could actually hear her say "trick-or-treat," but she said it for the candy!

We walked with our sweet neighbors, who were Ninja Turtles. Parker is about a year younger than Avery Claire. Carter is a teeny baby, so he hitched a stroller ride. Not the best picture, but it's all I had....

We had so much fun! We've never gotten to trick-or-treat in a "real" neighborhood. D and I both commented that "it was like a scene from a movie."