Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dr. Davis, D.M.D

Can you guess what we've been playing around our house?

Avery Claire's First Visit to the Dentist

She is officially a big girl. Not only did she go for her first dentist visit today, she acted like a 10 year old while she was there. I've heard about dentists that ask parents not to accompany their children to "the chair," and I was so glad ours wasn't like that. But she honestly didn't even need me. 

The receptionist actually wanted me to bring her to my next visit and then let her come back in 6 months with me for her visit. I called back and told them she'd been looking forward to the dentist for months and that I thought she was ready. I was right. 

She opened wide "like an alligator" for Ms. Jennifer and let her clean her teeth and floss. 

And Ms. Jennifer got even cooler when she turned on cartoons while we waited on the dentist. 

As a mommy, I think today was my proudest moment so far.

No cavities!! 

We came home and tried to find things to do inside, 'cause it's still raining!! 

Can you tell we're tired of the rain?!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hand-me-down Dolls

Today, we ran errands and this cutie wanted a braid in her hair.

We pulled out some of my old dolls from the attic. There are about 3 or 4 bags of them up there, but I just got what I could see that I thought she would like to play with. She was so excited!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

Apparently, the rain followed us home. It FLOODED today while we were eating lunch. We had to hang out on the couches in Sweet Peppers to wait out the rain, while the poor workers had to mop up the water than ran like a river under the garage door thingys they have as windows.

Could you not eat this cute girl up?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Heading Home

We headed home this morning...

with a little something to keep us occupied. For 10 minutes, anyway.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Competition, Rainy day, and Cousins

Last night, Dusty, Matt, Sarah, and I had a <strike> quite competitive </strike> friendly game of spades. No one went to bed mad, but there was some friendly tension! This morning, Matt and Dusty challenged more fierce competition. 

We had some rain today, so we took a morning trip to Foley and hit the (still cloudy) beach this afternoon. 

Don't judge our sand castle....

Avery Claire decided today, our last day, while wearing her clothes, that she would try getting in the ocean above her big toe. Of course, she loved it. 

We had to go change and get a snack because she was "soaky wet."

Then she decided she wanted to get in again, in her clothes. Who were we to stop her?

Tonight, we met our cousin, Jennifer, and her family, for dinner at Tacky Jack's. I've made Jennifer a couple of monogrammed things this summer, and of course Miss Nosy-Rosy asked who it was for. Jennifer is my cousin, but also married a Davis. So when I told Avery Claire her last name, her response was "Cool, she could live at our house!"

My sweet husband. Seriously, folks, this post isn't about this, but I have never been more in love with him or as proud of him than I have been this summer.

We sat at a table full of silly kiddos, two of which LOVED some gator bites. This girl would've eaten her weight in them.

None of the boys wanted to stop (in the parking lot on the way back into our condo) for family pics, but we managed a couple.

Loved every minute of our short vacation and I'm petitioning right now that next year, we make it a week....or a month!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pirates, Princesses, Beaching It, and Swimming

This morning, we headed to The Hangout to meet Chambless for breakfast with pirates and princesses.

Can you tell that Avery Claire enjoyed the beignets?!

After breakfast, we followed the pirates and princesses around on a treasure hunt. We were part of the biggest crowd they've ever had (of 74 kids), so we didn't get in on much hunting, but the kiddos got some treasure from the chest, so they were happy.

We took this little princess pirate back to the condo to scare the boys and get ready for the beach!

She gathered her toys and hopped in her pool under the tent and played for awhile.

And then she was ready to head to the pool.

She's gotten braver and braver, swallowed some water, swam under the waterfall, and had a ball!

I enjoyed a few minutes alone with my music. And yes, the water looked like this pretty much the whole time. It looks brown, but it wasn't dirty and there was no seaweed. But it was ROUGH. Knock you down, throw you around rough.

Aunt Sarah led a round of "who can say the letter and name a word that starts with that letter the fastest." I think Avery Claire won. ;-)

We grilled and had a late night swim and a yogurt run before calling it a night!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We're At Da Beach!!

After a very late night, we slept in this morning and got a late start to our beach day. We got our tent set up and got to work. 
By the way, if you have kids and don't have a big canopy tent for your beach trip, GO GET ONE! I can recommend a great eBay seller to you! ;-)

Of course we spent some time at the pool. I think the splash pad has earned this chick a little bravery. She went right under the waterfall at the pool and loved it. She'd even take off her swimmers and go for it, I think, if we would let her!

Our condo has the perfect kiddie pool- perfect for her to "be da mama" and us to be the kids. She had to do everything she thought "da mama" should do, like pull us around, and tell us when we could go to the big pool, etc.

We made a few trips from beach to pool to beach to pool...just like I remember doing as a kid.

My loves.

Sweet girl. 

Two silliest people in our bunch.

Kate, Chambless, and Brandon met us to take "cheesy" family beach pictures, so we all headed to eat afterwards. Miss Bossy Pants tried to be the Mama to C, too.

Two cutest kiddos at the marina...

We thoroughly enjoyed our day!! Everyone is exhausted and this Mama is the only one still sitting up (but not for long!)