Monday, August 27, 2012

House Update

Friday afternoon, we closed on our lot/construction loan. Whew! I hate things like that!
This is what our house looked like last week before the foundation was poured.
This girl loves to go look at the "her new house."
This is what our house looks like right now. We have walls!! We can now see a distinction between rooms! It's starting to seem a lot more real!
Windows have been ordered and we're scouting out brick color. I think the brick choice is what makes me most nervous about the whole process. If you have any tips/pointers, we'd welcome advice! We've been driving around looking, but it's the brick/mortar/trim combination that I'm so unsure about!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where did the weekend go?

We survived the first real week of school and had a nice, semi-relaxing weekend, but I am not ready to see it go!
This is what my stinker pot has looked like most afternoons/evenings. She starts asking for her pillow pretty early, so I know when she's getting sleepy. She is taking great naps at school, but they only get 2 hours. So if it takes her a few minutes to get to sleep, she doesn't get her full 2 hours. And at home, she usually takes 2.5-3 hour naps.
She certainly won't fall asleep before I put her to bed, but she loves to "rest" on her pillow.
Friday, we closed on our lot/construction loan and then spent a little time at SportsFest at the football field. Saturday morning, we went to a shower for my principal's daughter. We all took long naps Saturday afternoon and then we had surprise visitors! We were so glad the Smith's stopped by to visit! Come back soon when you can stay and go eat with us!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Last night, we went over to one of the coach's house so the wives and kids could get acquainted. You gotta have a little wive's club when your husbands are coaches. You don't want to just sit randomly by yourself in the stands at a game. You need reinforcements.

We got home way late and Avery Claire only slept about 15 minutes past her usual 6:30.

She slept a little over 2 hours at naptime, but was still behind on sleep.

We had a lazy afternoona and watched a lot of Max and Ruby. We haven't totally left Little Bill behind, but she does have a new favorite.

This was her right before she went to bed/sleep at 7:40 tonight. Can you say cranky and sleepy?!
The clothes are ironed for next week, most of the dirty clothes are clean and put away. The dishwasher is running and I'm headed to bed!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 2 Begins

Today, school began "for real." Avery Claire started week 2 of her school. Dusty had a football staff meeting at 6:30 and got home at 8:00 tonight. I had morning duty at 7:30. That meant we had to leave by 7:00. We left by 7:05 cut it close.


Today was a great day for me. I'm amazed at the difference in being in the library and being in the classroom. There is so much to do in the library - seriously, I'm amazed at all there is to do.'s so different from having a gazillion things to do while having 20 kids in the room with you all day and only 30 minutes of free time.

Dusty came home at 8:00 tonight {just in case you missed that time earlier}, worn out after practice.

Avery Claire has adjusted to nap time very well. She had to have her back patted a couple of times while she fell asleep last week. One day I asked her if somebody had to pat her back when she went to sleep. She said, "Ummmm. No. She patted my hiney." We encouraged her to be a big girl and go to sleep like she does at home, and she has. I know poor Ms. Laura needs nap time!!

And.....drum roll...... after a week at school, Avery Claire is almost potty-trained. I'll save that info for its own post.

Although it's a little too much like real school, I do love getting this daily report home from Ms. Laura.


And there is nothing like talking with Avery Claire about her day after school. Today, she had a painting of her hand she'd done at school. {And blue paint on her pencil shirt.} And when I asked her if Ms. Laura read her a story, she told me it was about trees and grass and water. Photobucket

If every day goes as well as today, we're going to have a great school year! And a very tired Daddy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Visit from Mema

Thursday, Mema picked Avery Claire up from daycare. We'd told Avery Claire that Mema would be picking her up and she was excited! Thanks, Mema! We're not sure what we'd have done without you!

Since Mema was visiting, Avery Claire took a break from daycare Friday. She and Mema stayed home and played.


Mema had to go home today so she could go back to work tomorrow. Avery Claire's response was "Poor Mema!"
We enjoyed your visit, Mema, and hope you come back soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"School" Day 2

Today was our {my and Dusty's} first day of school. It went as well as could be expected when you're in meetings all day.
Avery Claire had another great day at daycare {or "school}. She had trouble falling asleep, so she only actually slept for about an hour. She'd gotten used to taking 2.5-3 hour naps this summer, so an hour just doesn't cut it for her. Hopefully, she'll adjust to this new napping routine and fall asleep faster!

If that hair doesn't look like a girl who enjoyed herself at school, I don't know what does!

Enough, Mom!!!

First Day of "School"

We've been calling Avery Claire's new daycare "school," because it really is a daycare/preschool. We thought if we called it school, she might be more inclined to think it's different, more for big "gurs", and be very excited about it!

We started practicing "resting" on our napmat last week. It was so funny because Avery Claire kept calling it her jacket. She finally starting saying napmat after I corrected her a few times.
She got a little upset yesterday when she realized we left it at school! Photobucket
She was so excited about her "pack-pack" when it arrived.

Photobucket           Photobucket
 And we picked out this little dandy at WalMart. Kind of glad I didn't go in search of the ol' monogrammed lunchbox 'cause she loves this Hello Kitty "wunchbox."


Tomorrow is my first day of school, but I wanted to take Avery Claire today so that I could be nearby if I needed to be. I know, I know...that's silly. And I hated to give up my last day with her. But I knew it ahead of time, so we played hard all week last week. And I needed to know she was okay before I was stuck in meetings all day and couldn't just run over there. Last night, I got all of her things ready to go. Seriously, if you'd told me my 2 year old would need a backpack and a lunchbox, I'd have told you you were crazy. Nope. Her school requested them.
And a folder that travels from school to home and back to school each day. And requires my signature on the behavior form each night? Oh, yeah, we've got that, too. What is this, Kindergarten? This mama is not ready for such. Photobucket
She was up and at 'em this morning at 6:24 and excited about going to her new school.
 Photobucket                               PhotobucketPhotobucket

She mentioned a couple of times that she didn't want me to go to work or that she wanted me to stay with her, but when I took her to her classroom, she stood there like a big girl. I didn't make a big deal of good-bye and she kind of looked at the toy in front of her as I left. I heard her teacher, Ms. Laura, encouraging her to go play with the baby dolls.

And she had a great day. She ate good, tried to potty, played, got along with took her a bit to go to sleep {on a cot!!}, but she slept great once she did.
It was obvious tonight she didn't get her nap out because she was tired and ready for bed around 6:00. But our first day of "school" was a success. I am so thankful for a little girl who is so friendly and adjusts so well to change. Just wish her mama and daddy were better at it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Papa and Nana

Guess who came to spend a couple of days with us this weekend? Photobucket



We had fun, Papa and Nana, and can't wait to see you again very soon! We love you much!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Development

When we rented our house last year, we really didn't plan on staying here over a year. We had no idea, though, that I would love my new school and get the librarian position for next year. We had no idea Dusty would get a job in the same system and that Avery Claire would switch daycares.

Our rental house is around 1200 square feet. We had around 1900 and a basement before....700 sq ft makes a huge difference!
When we knew we were staying in the area, we started looking at houses for sale in our area. We really wanted 4 bedrooms: Avery Claire has to have a room, we need a guest room, and we wanted an office/playroom. There just weren't any 4 bedroom houses for sale.
Then one day I called about a house that was being built. The guy asked if we'd ever thought about building - he was a builder. I asked a few questions, told Dusty about it, and that was it. Then we kind of started talking about it. We decided to meet with the builders and just see what all building entailed. That was in the middle of June. From there, we discussed building and then decided we wanted to go for it in mid-July. The process has moved extremely fast and they are actually starting to dig our footing today - so today is actual "start day." 

Our lot {7-29-12}

Clearing the lot {8-7-12}
{We didn't actually clear it. :-) We just drove over to check it out.}
We are very excited and nervous and anxious. We feel very fortunate to be able to do this - as a coach's wife, I thought building a house of our own was something I'd never get to do. If you have any prayers to throw our way on that account, we'd appreciate it!
We hope to be in  by Christmas. They assure us we will be, but we know enough about building to know not to get our hopes up.
Family, Santa's planning to come to our new house this year - we hope you'll come celebrate with us!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Day at Daycare

Today, Avery Claire went to Mrs. Brittany's daycare for the last time. She hasn't been in a few weeks and was so excited to go play with her friends and see Ms. Britt and Mrs. Teresa {"Nana"}.


Because Dusty won't be driving to Russellville anymore, we had no choice but to start sending Avery Claire to the preschool near our house {which will be very convenient, for the next few months, anyway - more on that exciting development later}. This preschool is great and we know she will make the transition much more smoothly than we will!

This was our baby a little over two years ago on her first day at daycare. She was just over 4 months old.PhotobucketPhotobucket

We will miss Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Teresa tremendously.


They have taken such good care of Avery Claire and truly treated her like she was one of their babies. I know she will learn a lot and make new little friends at her new "school," but no one will love her like they did. No one will remember, like Teresa, that there's never been another baby less interested in a bottle. No one will talk about, like Brittany, that they wish every kid would walk in every morning and be so happy to be there. No one will push her in the swing for an hour like they will. No one will give her "sugar" in the mornings and invite her over to swim on the weekends. We know we'll all adjust and be fine. But we will so miss daycare and will be so forever thankful for Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Teresa and how much they loved and cared for our baby girl.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wrapping Up Summer

How in the world can summer be gone already? Didn't it JUST start? I know you folks who work during the summer hate to hear me complain...and I promise I am so grateful for the weeks I've had off with my girl. It's just that summer stretches out before at the end of May and you think August seems so far away. And then - BAM -it hits you like a ton of bricks.

I am very thankful to have a job. And very excited to be starting a new phase of my career this year. So, I'll quit complaining and get over it. I'll be back in school mode by August 20th, I promise. {That's when kids show up.}

There has been lots and lots of playing going on at the Davis house. I have tried to keep Avery Claire entertained inside because it's just too blame hot to be out. We do usually go out in the late afternoons and come in right before bath time so we can wash her soaking-wet-with-sweat head in the tub.
Dusty's been out of town quite a bit lately for 7-on-7 camps, so it's just been us girls. We've baked a few goodies to snack on.


And we've watched some TV and played with baby dolls galore. And we've worn our Nike shorts most days, which is just how Avery Claire likes it.

Miss Priss has become quite the little ironer. Too bad I can't get her to iron her Daddy's pants and shirts each week when school starts!

I think this was a "cheeeeese" face.

Her new favorite cartoon - Little Bill!

This girl loves to read!

After church one Sunday

We keep WalMart bags in the bottom of a cabinet {mostly for dirty diapers}. Avery Claire's newest game is getting out 8-10 bags and filling them with groceries from my cabinet and from her kitchen. It keeps her entertained for an hour. So even though it takes me 30 minutes to clean up her grocery fun, I leave her alone and let her "shop!"

I will say that sleeping has gotten better. Not back to great, but better! She will lay down - finally - without calling us back into her room 26 times before she goes to sleep. That could all change tonight. And bless her heart, she has so many toys in her bed there's hardly room for her. But she takes inventory before she goes to sleep, and if something is missing, we hear her yelling for it. Since getting rid of the paci, she has only slept through the night about 3 times. She wakes up and yells for us to cover her up at least once every night. She will lay back down and go to sleep when we do, but, darn, we miss that paci!

Nana came for a visit...we were sad to see her go and hope she can make it back for a day or two {or five} before we all start back to school!

After church yesterday, I thought I might get a decent picture of us since my camera got all blurry before church. This silly girl loves to make faces at herself in the camera. Little monkey.
We've got a few more days of summer to live it up. Hopefully, I can get a couple more posts done before the craziness of school begins.