Monday, October 28, 2013

Nana Visits

Nana came for a visit this past weekend. We enjoyed spending time with her. 

There was lots of fun had by all. Can you tell who played the hardest?

They were both refreshed the next morning and ready to get a little more play time in. 

Nana left, we went to church and lunch, then headed home for a lazy afternoon at home!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Bus Ride and The Pumpkin Patch

Avery Claire's class went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. I think they could have taken her class on a bus ride around town, told them it was a field trip, and had the happiest bunch of 3 year olds you could imagine.

She's ready to go. Parents had to follow in our cars, so I had to snap a quick picture of her on her first bus ride. 

In line with her class when they arrived....

We went on hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins first. 

Most of her class with her teacher, Ms. Belinda

Jump pillow

Corn Maze and Corn Pit

Petting Zoo (if you know my child, you know she barely petted a baby rabbit....she was into looking, not touching).


Ready to head back to school

We had gymnastics last night (with no nap and a field trip). This was Avery Claire before we got to gymnastics. I gave her the sucker hoping she would stay such luck! 

If you've spent any time at our house, you know Dusty has taught Avery Claire how to wrestle and pin. They compete to see whose arm I get to hold high in the sky and declare the champion. So when this belt arrived for a little boy at my school (who pulled on my heartstrings when he told me he was Ray Mysterio for Halloween but didn't have a belt), you would have thought it was a real, genuine WWE championship belt.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

September (til mid October)

September was an exhausting month. It went by so fast, I didn't even realize I hadn't blogged for a whole month. I've gotten a few not-so-subtle hints lately to catch up. And keep up. So I will try. Again.

We went to the fair. Avery Claire wanted to swing. We warned her that these swings were fast and high, but she was determined. I just knew we would be begging the lady to stop the swing after one swift turn around. 14 tickets and three swing rides later, I was proven wrong. We did ride the bumper boats and play games, but the swing was the favorite. Even in the steady rain.

She even got a tattoo. What person at the fair didnt have a tattoo?!

She is absolutely loving gymnastics. I need to do a whole gym post and share pics and videos!

We have tried to squeeze in some play/chill time. It's been much needed lately!

Her favorite days at school are when I don't make her wear hard shirts (by that she means monogrammed or appliqu├ęs). I do iron stuff on the back, so they don't bother or irritate her. Sh exist likes "comforble" clothes.

We went to CC for Abby's baby shower. Saturday, we played with Hudson and Aubrie at the park. We had so much fun!!

Avery Claire will let Sarah do anything. I was so happy to see Sarah walk in Sunday morning when I was trying to convince Avery Claire to wash her hair.

Our kiddos had fun playing together at the shower. I love getting to see our babies play!

Grandma followed us home Sunday to help me with the book fair at my school. God Bless her. She worked like a dog. For no pay. And then came home to a cranky kid every day. I'm sure she slept all last week to recuperate. Thanks, Grandma, for staying with us and working. I couldn't have made it without you!!

My sweet husband knew I needed some time to myself and informed me he had booked me a massage last Saturday. It was wonderful. And then he told me to take my time shopping afterwards. By myself. You mamas know that, as much as we love our babies, shopping by yourself is like a trip to Tahiti.

Rested and restored, I took Avery ClIre to Miami Ice for snow cones that afternoon. She literally at her whole snow cone.

We had nerd day at school Tuesday. I sent Dusty a pic to give him a good laugh.

Avery Claire had pics at school last Wednesday. She showed me how she smiled at the photographer. It was precious. Lets hope it's true!

We started a pumpkin painting project that I imagined would take one day. We're still not done with those pumpkins...but we've sure had fun working on them.

And this face. There are no words. Not nice ones anyway, for how I feel about the Horrendous, OMG Threes. We just thought two was bad. These past two weeks have made us realize how naive we were. It's a good thing we love her to pieces and are so thankful that she's healthy and perfect in every way. 

Today has been glorious in that we've done absolutely nothing, except play, read, and nap!!! Yes, i said NAP! All of us. That hasn't happened in months. It was much needed and much enjoyed!

We did make a KMart run. In high heel