Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Phones and Stuffing Snow Back In

We went to the Apple store today to get new phones. Dusty left with a new phone. I did not. AT&T is on my bad list, because supposedly I couldn't upgrade for 6 more days. 6 more days. Unless I wanted to do their new Next plan. Which I do not. They haven't heard the last from me.

This boy. He will watch some football. He is his Daddy's child.

And this girl. She is content to watch Netflix while the TV is tuned to football 24/7. 

Dusty did put "Snow Davis" up today. I laughed so hard watching him stuff him back into the box. The struggle was real. If you know my husband, you know he saves every box of every thing he buys. And when something needs to be put up, it goes back in its box. He almost had to find Snow a new home. But he got him in there!!!  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Visits with Friends

The Haithcocks came for a visit Friday night. We were so excited to see them and get to spend some time with them!! 
{I have to tell you this funny. I hadn't washed that green sweatshirt Avery Claire has on in the above pic. We realized after she'd worn it all day that every part of her that it touched was green. It was hilarious - more to us than her. She was so worried it wasn't going to come off!}

And Saturday, we got another surprise visit - from the Lawrence's!! We were so excited that they stopped and wish they could've stayed longer! 

Nana and Mema and Steph came Saturday, too. I got no pictures. I'm not sure why!! I did get this one of the babies. 

This boy loves to watch football. He will seriously sit and watch it forever {vs. a cartoon!}.

Sunday, we got all of my Christmas decorations put away. It's always so sad to take them down, but such a relief at the same time. Thanks, Nana and Mema, for all of your help un-decorating and watching the kiddos!  

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Avery Claire slept until after 8:00 this morning. She was so excited to find that Santa came and left her everything she'd ask for and more! She kept asking us all day "why do you think Santa brought me even more than I asked for?"

This was probably her favorite gift. At the top of her list all year has been surprise eggs and blind bags. She got a box full of surprise eggs and blind bags!! She was beyond thrilled. 

Little brother just took it all in this year. Next year, he'll be right in the middle of it all. 

The eyes look better, but you can still tell they aren't back to normal. 

She didn't ask for a gym mat or wedge, but Santa knew she'd be thrilled with them! 

We did lots of playing and relaxing today. It was perfect. 

A Christmas miracle even occurred - Bennett fell asleep in the Mamaroo!!!! 

We had as much fun playing as Avery Claire did! 

My boys took a selfie. 

Santa brought a karaoke machine. And a Frozen CD. Enough said, right?

We had such a fun day at home together! It's so nice to be at our house and enjoy staying inside all day long!

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

We headed home this morning so we could go to our church's Christmas Eve service and be home for Santa's visit!! 
Avery Claire called on our way home to get an update from a live operator about Santa's whereabouts. He was over Russia when she called. The man told her to be sure she got in bed early and went to sleep quick so Santa could visit her house around 9 or 10 pm!! 

Avery Claire took a few selfies on my phone. 

Our church held a candlelight Christmas Eve service. It was so sweet and I am so glad we made it home to go. 

And we had the biggest surprise right before bed! SANTA himself came by to visit! Mom and Dad were even surprised. Avery Claire just looked at him in awe - it was the most precious thing ever. And she kept saying "Santa came to my house when I was AWAKE!!!" 

We got a picture of brother and sister, and then it was easy to get her to bed because she knew the big guy was close by! 

Santa was good to both of our kiddos this year!! 

Davis Family Christmas Tour

We began our Christmas tour Saturday morning. We fondly call it the Davis family Christmas tour - we enjoy every second of visiting with our family!! 

These two had to chill while we got the entire house packed into the truck. 

I was a horrible picture taker. I always say I'm going to do better and I just don't. I do live in the moment - I've got to get better at capturing it!! 

We stopped in Birmingham for the Davis Christmas Saturday. 

Sunday, we ate lunch and had Christmas with Grandma and Mike. I got no pictures. :-/

We had Christmas with my mom's family Sunday night. We have always gotten family pictures there, no thanks to the men. They grumble every year, but I know they are secretly glad we do it! 

Our family has grown a lot this year!! 

I love getting the big group picture!! I included a couple of outtakes for your viewing pleasure. I'd love to know what was going on with the right side of this group. 

Avery Claire is always begging someone to tell her a story. She and Papa made up the Googler family when we were there for Thanksgiving. Papa is great at making up stories about the Googlers and she would listen for HOURS!!!

Avery Claire had a cold while were visiting and it moved into her eyes. They had yucky, gooey stuff in them. We had to finally get her pedicatrician to call in an antibiotic eye drop, which helped tremendously!! 

It's almost impossible to get a good picture with two babies!!! 

We went to the lodge, or the "log," as Avery Claire called it. 

She has been so excited about spending the night with these girls at the "log." When we broke the news that she had to go with us, she was so devastated. We hated to leave those at the lodge to deal with her hacking cough, breathing treatments throughout the night, and her panic when she woke up with her eyes matted and yucky.

Papa managed to sneak the Christmas story in amongst those about the Googlers. 

We got up Wednesday morning and headed home so that Santa could find us at our house!! We tried for one picture of Papa and Nana with their grandbabies. Again...impossible!!