Thursday, April 11, 2013

Avery Claire-isms

Avery Claire has always had a great personality, but the girl has come ALIVE over the last couple of weeks. We are loving 3 around here. I saved these pictures because I knew I wanted to do this post and knew they'd go right along with the funny things she says.

These may not be funny to you, but since I can't video every second of her life, there are just some things that she's said that I always want to remember. I can't even remember every thing she says that I want to, but I try to put things in my phone immediately so I won't forget! {I'm leaving off quotations b/c it's all straight from her mouth!}
 photo DSC_0280_zpsee429a0d.jpg

Sometimes ur eyes are juicy {when she had an eyelash in her eye}
 photo DSC_0279_zpsf0a2ceb1.jpg

{speaking of eyelash in her eye} Mama, I have a lash-eye in my eye! photo DSC_0275_zpsa24c1268.jpg

I hurtd my choke!! {she got chocked up on a little drink of water}
 photo DSC_0274_zpscc8e510b.jpg

{we always argue over who loves who the most} Mama, I wanna wuv ewe da mostest daday!!

 photo DSC_0253_zpsa1182fd7.jpg

Ewe got spwinkles on ur wegs? {cause I needed to shave}
 photo IMG_0750_zps4af374f9.jpg

I can't get my itch off {when her eye itched}
 photo IMG_0749_zpscb7a1e19.jpg

{after taking a big bit of ice cream} Dat was a wot of fweeze!!
 photo IMG_0748_zps30f29065.jpg

I wanna go to Target and pway pow-pows wif Gavin. {Her friend Gavin wanted her to come over and shoot at the target at his house. She's such a girl - she only knows shopping.}
 photo IMG_0746_zps266bd595.jpg

{when her daddy when in WalMart and we sat in the car even though she wanted to go in} Mama, don't eye wanna go in Wawmart wike dat Mama?! {who walked past our car}
 photo IMG_0745_zps92382773.jpg

Mama, I swepping. {'cause it was hot outside yesterday - she was sweating}
 photo IMG_0741_zpsb8876bd4.jpg

I wish I could record every second of her little life. I'm so afraid I'm gonna forget every sweet stage. She's such a sweet little mess.
 photo IMG_0742_zps6755b823.jpg

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring and a New Swing Set

Just because I loved her sweet dress Sunday {thanks, Becca!!}.
 photo IMG_0946_zpscd71daa2.jpg

I need to get the picture off of my phone of the entire swing set, but Dusty worked so hard to get it finished so Avery Claire could swing and play this weekend. She was able to climb up and play some Saturday and he got the slide on the and swing set part attached Sunday, so we had dinner outside at the little bench/table on her new swing set. She has been so excited and ready to go play every day this week! We're so thankful for her Daddy who put in a good 24 hours working on a swing set whose directions said it would take two skilled people 24 hours to complete.  

 photo IMG_0951_zpsc09c8907.jpg

We're also thankful to finally have spring-like weather so we can play outside!!!

We did have to stop playing yesterday to make a shoe store run. Someone's feet grew overnight!
 photo IMG_0960_zpsc6152af4.jpg

Sunday, April 7, 2013

No Nap Days

Lately, we've let Avery Claire skip some naps on the weekends {and some during Spring Break}. She actually does pretty well without a nap, but it's not something I'm ready to cut out entirely! Sometimes Mama needs a nap, too!! Anyway, on the days she doesn't nap, she is absolutely worn out by 7:00. If you know her, you know why. The girl never slows down. I secretly love "no nap days" because that means she will snuggle with me for a few minutes before she just falls asleep because her little eyes won't stay open any longer.
  photo IMG_0796_zpse6942e9c.jpg

Who wouldn't wanna just kiss that sweet face all over? photo IMG_0953_zpsa39ea825.jpg

Saturday night, she was still going strong after 7:00 after no nap. So I told her I'd get my bath and we'd snuggle and watch a movie in my bed. She was so excited!
 photo IMG_0931_zps660abfd7.jpg

She didn't make it long. Neither did I.
 photo IMG_0940_zpsa891b9a3.jpg

The rest of this post has nothing to do with no naps, but...
One night last week, she said "Mama, I gonna take my fwood and go watch TB in my woom." We usually do eat in the same room, at least. Tonight, I didn't argue because her baby "Elvie" was in the bed and she didn't want her to be alone.
 photo IMG_0899_zps9930089a.jpg 
Can you believe how long her hair has gotten?  photo IMG_0906_zpsb8fac5e5.jpg
We got by Jack's usually one morning a week {typically Fridays}. This past Friday, she kept telling me she wanted me to fold her wrapper. She got frustrated because I couldn't get it fixed right and finally said "I wanna hold it wike Mrs. Susan!!" Her teacher brings biscuits in {and hashbrowns to share with Avery Claire} a lot and she wraps her wrapper around her biscuit, like so:
 photo IMG_0910_zpsa994cc0f.jpg

Saturday, April 6, 2013

First 2013 Trip to See Leo and Una

We had such a pretty day today that Avery Claire and I decided we'd head over and see Leo and Una for the first time this spring. Leo was napping {as usual}, but Una and Avery Claire had quite the stare-off!! She looked us over, up and down. The trainer came over and stuck her hand through the fence and just rubbed her ears like she was a little kitten.