Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

I'm so glad I got some pictures last Sunday, because tonight was just impossible...

We ran to our close by neighbors to trick or treat during a break in the rain. 

Then we hopped in the truck to make the rest of our neighborhood rounds. Once Bennett realized he could get behind the wheel, he was done trick or treating. Avery Claire hit up the remaining houses by herself. 

She enjoyed being at home and handing out candy to trick or treaters more than she enjoyed the actual trick or treating, I think! 

And we all loved a night in, doing absolutely nothing! 

Look at my babies last year!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Little Mama to her Little Brother

Avery Claire loves a "project." Looks like that foam Halloween house may have been a little more complicated than she bargained for.

If you've been around us over the past year, you know that becoming a big sister has been a big adjustment for Avery Claire. She loves Bennett, but jealousy has reared its ugly head in a big way. Over the last month, there's been such a huge change. She's always been helpful, as in running to grab a diaper or a wipe or picking up something, etc...but she's become such a little mama lately, actually taking care of him. It's very sweet, and very heartwarming. And a lot relieving to her mama and daddy! 

Bennett's One Year Well Check

Bennett had his one year well check today. I absolutely hate this visit - I've read the research, I know what it says now...but it's so scary to give your baby those shots. 

His official 12 month stats:
weight: 22 lbs, 8 oz (75th percentile)
height: 31.25 inches (90th percentile)
head circumference: 18.25 inches (50th perentile)

He was a wild man, all over that room. Whew, he's a busy, busy boy!! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Avery Claire's Scarecrow Day

Avery Claire had Scarecrow Day at school today. 

She's learned a lot of dances in PE this year, including the whip/nae nae. Thanks, Coach Weaver!! They've been working on square dancing, and invited a parent to come to their square dance. I'm pretty sure she and her daddy danced together, but no one was allowed to send me any video of that!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quality Time

Bennett and I met Avery Claire, Addison, Bobbie, and Riley at the park today after school. It was such a nice day and we all enjoyed playing outside. 

These two best friends are so sweet and love each other so much. 

Since cheer season is over, we've been able to spend lots of afternoons/evenings at home. It's been absolutely wonderful. Avery Claire has said (every night that we all just get to spend some time playing in the living room together) "we're having another blast tonight." That one little statement was enough of a reminder to me to make sure we slow down and just spend quality time together, as much as possible!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sweet Little Hug

He might be a little bit of a mama's boy. I love it. And there's nothing in the world that compares to those little arms around my neck.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy 1 Year, Bennett!

- wear mostly 12 month clothes. 
- are into everything. Goodness gracious, you're a busy little boy. You've gone from walking to running. You try to get into every cabinet, on top of anything you can climb, under anything you'll fit...
- are a tough cookie. Sometimes, you'll fall or run into something and I'll just wait for the tears. But they don't come. You just get up and keep going. 
- have the cutest, most mischeivious little grin. Oh, what a stinker you are...but such a cute stinker. 
- like Zaxby's toast, like your sister. 
- are waking up once at night still. Occasionally, you'll make it all night, but it's not because we've done anything differently. I'm just hoping that works itself out soon. You're starving most nights when you wake up, so I hate not to feed you. And you do go back to sleep quickly, so I know it could be worse. 
- take two one hour naps at daycare. Some days, you could still use a catnap around 5, but I try not to let you get that one, so you'll be ready for bedtime!! 
- hate bedtime. You can be so, so sleepy, but when I take you in your room to get you to sleep, you get so fired up and want to go back out. 
- drive anything you can. When we ask you what the dump truck says, you make the "brrrmmm" noise.
- will hold up your finger to show us you're "one." 
- are finally okay with wearing shoes. I was a little worried at first. We got you some Nike tennis shoes, and you are so proud of them. I don't know what about them is different to you, but the first time you wore them, you just looked at them and grinned every time. 
- have all three of us wrapped around your little finger. We think every thing you do is so funny, so cute, so sweet. How this year has passed so quickly, I'll never know. Baby boy, you've brought so much joy and happiness to our family and we thank God every day that he sent you to us.