Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy 11 Months, Bennett!!

- weigh between 20-21 pounds. You're long and skinny.
- are wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes. 
- are walking everywhere! Oh, me. 
- just aren't the biggest fan of "real" food. You'll try something, eat a couple of bites, and then spit it out and you're done. 
- are waking up once at night again. I've tried making sure you're full. I've tried cereal in the bottle. I've tried every thing I know of. You usually get up, drink a bottle, and go right back to sleep. I can usually put you down in your bed and you'll sleep until morning. Sometimes, I fall asleep for an hour (or more) in the chair with you, and then it's harder to get you back in the bed. 
- take two one hour naps at daycare. At home, your naps are random, but that's partly because we are so busy and inconsistent. 
- I always read a book to you in your room while you finish a bottle. I've been getting you to sleep, because it's just easier right now. Some nights, you wake up and cry for a minute, but you usually lay back down and go to sleep very quickly. 
- love to read at bedtime. If I try to skip a night, you start reaching for where you know the books are and find one for us to read. Your favorite is "A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Racoon." You think it's so funny for me to kiss your little hand like Chester's mama kisses his. 
- LOVE dogs. Anytime we see a dog, you get so excited. 
- still sleep with your monkey.
- have six teeth - 4 on top and 2 on bottom. 
- get so excited about bath time. When I run Avery Claire's bath water (after you've had a bath), you go back in the bathroom because you want to get in again. 
- LOVE your sister. She's starting to act more and more like a little mama to you, and you think she's the funniest thing around. 
- say da-da, ball, bye-bye-bye, and mama (mostly when you're crying). 
- love to see other babies. You just smile and always want to touch them. 
- drive anything you can. When we ask you what the dump truck says, you make the "brrrmmm" noise.
- are such a sweet, precious little boy. We just can't even remember life without you, our sweet little guy.