Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stormy Weather

We got out of school at lunch Monday and Tuesday because of storm/tornado predictions. We went over to our neighbor's Monday to be close to his storm room. We didn't have to go in it, but it got pretty rough. There were some really devastating tornadoes around us. Those poor families need your prayers. 
This girl missed her nap and was exhausted at bedtime! 

And just in case you didn't know...maternity fashion on eBay leaves a lot to be desired. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ready for the Weekend

Before we got ready to leave for gymnastics Thursday, I heard: "Hey, Mom, I wrote on my arm!" Me: "Okay, we'll get it off in a minute." Then I walk in to see this:

Not only did she write on her arm, she scribbled all over her arm. With a Sharpie. We scrubbed it as best we could before gym.

A long lost stranger came over to visit after gym Thursday. One little girl was so excited to see her Becca. 

We were beyond excited to have NO PLANS for the weekend!! 

We met the Haithcocks at El Patron for dinner Friday night. 

Saturday, we cleaned. And cleaned. And relaxed. 

Sunday, we did laundry. And relaxed. 

And made a fort. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

13 Weeks

How Far Along: 13 weeks
Size of baby: Baby #2 is the about as long as a pea pod. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m not sure. Around 5 lbs, maybe. 
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Still wearing all of my regular clothes. But some of my pants are snug. 
Gender: We won't know for a few morre weeks still. 
Movement: Not yet. 
Sleep: I get up once or twice to pee every night, but otherwise I sleep great! 
Cravings:  Still loving eggs. Maybe my body needs protein?
Symptoms: My biggest, worst symptom: still the broken out face. 
Best Moment this week: Avery Claire has been so excited about Easter! I love seeing her sweet excitement and hearing her talk about how Easter is about how Jesus died for us. 

Monday, April 21, 2014


"Mom, you're really squishing me in all this stuff." 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

We have talked a lot this week about what Easter means. It's so sweet to hear Avery Claire say that Easter is about how Jesus died for us so we could go to Heaven one day. 

The Easter bunny dropped a few prizes off in CC. 

She was so excited that the Bunny knew she would love a sleeping for her "Merigan gurl." I've got to record her saying that before she learns how to say it right. 

We took a few pics after church. 

And just to keep it real...

We hunted eggs at MaMaw's. The more kids there are, the harder it is to get a good one of everyone at the same time. 

We had one tired girl on the way home!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

12 Weeks

I'm late getting started with weekly updates. We've got some work to do on our pictures, obviously. Maybe by week 40, we'll get it figured out. 
I find myself comparing this pregnancy to mine with Avery Claire. I know that every pregnancy is different. And I thought everything was the same until Dusty pointed out all of the differences that I've mentioned over the last couple of weeks. So maybe things are a little different. I think I mostly considered things the same because I haven't been sick at all. Thank God. 

How Far Along: 12 weeks
Size of baby: Baby #2 is the about the size of a lime. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m not sure. Around 5 lbs, maybe. 
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Still wearing all of my regular clothes. But some of my pants are snug. 
Gender: We won't know for a few morre weeks still. 
Movement: Not yet. 
Sleep: I get up once or twice to pee every night. I don't really remember this happening so early with Avery Claire, but maybe I just don't remember. 
Cravings:  Hmmmm....eggs! I take boiled eggs for lunch. And corn. I also love a McMuffin with folded egg. 
Symptoms: The tiredness has much improved this week. I've had headaches a little more often than I remember with Avery Claire. My dr. told me to take Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin B2 daily, and I think that's helped. My biggest, worst symptom: my face. It has broken out like a 14 year old boy with raging hormones. Nothing I do helps. 
Best Moment this week: I went to the doctor and got to hear baby's heartbeat again. There's something so reassuring about that sound! 

Avery Claire's School Easter Egg Hunt

Today was Avery Claire's Easter Egg Hunt at school. We took a picture outside before we left. I made her run outside without her jacket and she was freezing. It's the end of April, people. Where's spring?1

I'm so thankful for sweet Mama's of Avery Claire's friends who made it to their party and texted me pictures so I didn't have to completely miss out on her day. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Last Thursday was class picture day. The socks and Keds own me. Completely. 

Friday was Trike-a-Thon. Sweet Mrs. Susan went and took a picture for me. 

Judy, Kate, Lorie, Susie and I headed South after school Thursday. This was my view all day Friday and Saturday, except for when we were eating. It was glorious and much-needed. I love these girls. We laughed and giggled all weekend. 

I was ready to see my girl and I think the feeling was mutual.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Picture Day

 Avery Claire had picture day at school this week. Could she be any cuter with those curls?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Visit

We had weekend visitors! Papa was here, too, but he wouldn't fit in the recliner pic. 

Sometimes, the girl with endless energy just runs out. No matter where she is.