Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Sickies

Bennett slept great again last night, until around 4. He's had a little cough this weekend, but that's pretty much been our winter. Runny nose...cough...runny nose...cough.

When we got to school Tuesday, there was a note next to the sign-in sheet that said they'd had a confirmed case of RSV in his class. That alarmed me a little, considering his cough. 

I got a call from his school around 2:20, saying his cough was awful, he wouldn't eat his baby food, and they just wanted me to know. So, I went ahead and made an appointment to take him. 

Can you see how bad he felt? Dr. Colvard said he was very surprised when his RSV test came back negative. He said it very well could be that we tested too early to get a positive result and that we were going to treat it like RSV.

So Bennett got his first breathing treatment Tuesday night. 

Attached to me is pretty much where he's wanted to be. He has certainly not been his usual easy, happy self. I'll spare you the pictures that I've sent Dusty of his spit/throw up. He couldn't keep anything down. I finally called and the nurse told me to mix formula and pedialyte. I know it sounds nasty, but he didn't seem to care and it helped him keep his formula down much better. 

I said "sent Dusty pictures" because he's out of town during all of this sickness. He's been at the state track meet in Gulf Shores. Watching his track boys win state championships. At the beach. 

We'd really thought about taking the kids. It's a good thing we didn't follow through. That would've been a rough time. 

I got a call Wednesday morning, while I was already home with Bennett, that Avery Claire was sick. She'd been in the bathroom all morning. So, we went to get her. 

As I look back at our pictures, it appears there was a lot of sleeping. That is so far from the truth.

We did manage a few minutes outside here and there. For my sanity. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bennett Slept All Night!!!!!

This boy slept from 8:30 last night until 5 am this morning. That counts as an all-nighter in the Davis house. 

I think he's proud of himself. 

Until I told him I expect it every night, now that we know he can do it. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Visitors

The Amason's came to visit Saturday!!!! We were so excited to get to see them and spend time with them!!

Bennett really wanted to grab Noah. Can you tell what Noah thought about that? Seriously, I just felt old watching these two boys. They will always be babies to me. Noah Amason cannot be old enough to be at the high school next mind cannot comprehend it.

Aunt B, we're coming to slide into your pool this summer. Be ready!!

Nana came to spend a couple of nights with us! 

Avery Claire, very dramatically, endured her first bee sting. Maybe it was a yellow jacket. Or a bee. We aren't sure. But it HURT. 

Here she is walking for the first time. If you know her, you can just imagine.

Your kid may have had one too many chest x-rays when she pulls out something that makes a "whirring" sound, puts on her apron, and starts x-raying people. 

These kiddos love their Nana! Thanks, Mom, for coming to stay with us and for helping me catch up! We love you and appreciate all you do for us! 

Sunday Photo Shoot

My people love me for it {insert sarcastic tone}, but I love to make Sunday pictures.

Look at them. They're perfect, aren't they?

I'm a blessed, blessed Mama. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Before school one morning

Look at that hair, y'all. It's crazy. And precious. Like a little old man's.

Watching TV

Avery Claire the morning of her Kindergarten assessment/interview. Yes, they "assess" every kindergartener. If I really think about it, from a teacher stand point, it's a great idea. From a mama stand point...I just don't like it. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bennett's 6 Month Well Check

Bennett had his 6th month well check today! Dr. C deemed him long, slim, and beautiful!

Here are your stats - 

height is 75th percentile
weight is 45th percentile
head circumference is 25th percentile

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Little Brother's Payback

Avery Claire loves to eat outside. She really wants to eat dinner, lunch was good enough.

For almost 6 months, Avery Claire has rubbed all over Bennett's head. With her hands, with her own face. Today, I told her to come sit by him for a quick picture. And he totally paid her back, as much as he could from the confines of the Bumbo seat. I just let him have at her. 

Look at my sweet, handsome little guy.

Sunday's after church are the best time for pictures. Certainly not before church, because we're usually rushing out of the door. 

Getting a good picture of them both gets harder and harder. 

He always reaches his hand around to hug her face. So sweet. 

Happy 6 Months, Bennett!!


Bennett, at 6 months, you:

- are taking a 6 ounce bottle every 4-5 hours. 

- are wearing size 2 diapers, still. I've been putting you in a size 3 at night so you are less likely to wet through by morning! 

- wear mostly 9 month clothes. 

- are rolling all over the place. You still don't love to roll from belly to back, but you can if you really need to. 

- are such a strong boy. You think you can lay on your back and sit up, and you can make it about halfway up. 

- love to eat. I've been feeding you a lot of the mixed baby foods, and I haven't found one you don't like. You aren't a fan of peas or green beans alone, but you don't seem to notice if they're mixed with something. 

- are sleeping with no swaddle, and no sleep suit!! We had to buy a mesh bumper because your arms and legs kept going through the crib slats. It's not cute, but you stay right next to it. So, that confirms for your Mama that she was right not to do bumper pads. You would make me a nervous wreck cuddling up to those. 

- have really come a long way in the sleep department. You are sleeping in your bed, all night. Getting you to sleep has been a challenge, but it's getting better. For the last two or three nights, you have woken up after a bit and cried for a few minutes, but you go back to sleep by yourself quickly after we come in and pat you and let you know we're close. 

- You still wake up once, usually anywhere from 1-3. You take 4 ounces and go back to bed. You struggle sometimes around 4:30-5:00 am. You wake up a little but don't really need a bottle. Sometimes, you just come in the bathroom with me while I get ready. Sometimes, you go back to sleep in the bouncy. Sometimes, more and more often, you get yourself back to sleep! Then I have to wake you up before 7 to get your ready for school.

- you still take Prilosec. I'm not sure you need it, but I don't think it's worth trying to stop it yet. 

- are such an easy, happy baby. You love to be talked to and have really found your voice. You squeal and "talk" all of the time. 

- have the most precious little giggle. You're so ticklish around your neck. 

- are content to just play in your exersaucer anytime. 

- you love to stand up and jump. We realized you must be playing in a jumper at school when we would let you stand and you starting jumping like crazy. We bought you a door jumper and you go to town jumping!

- are still a cat napper. You take anywhere from a 30 minute to an hour nap, usually in the bouncy seat or swing. At daycare, you always nap in the bouncy, so we just do that at home usually, too. There, though, you take longer naps!! Maybe it's because it's quiet and dark there. It's anything but quiet here!!

- LOVE your big sister. You light up whenever she walks in the room, and you think anything she does is funny. 

- have a nickname- Ben Ben - at home. I swore we wouldn't do it. Sister does it, and Dad and I do it, too. We try not to say it in front of anyone, because we named you Bennett and want you to be called Bennett, so we don't want to start anything! 

- are the most precious baby boy in the world. You added something to our family that we didn't even know was missing. We enjoy every single second of you, baby boy. We are so thankful that God chose us and trusted us with you. We love you much, Bennett!! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


There's just something about checking on your babies at night before you go to bed yourself, right? Makes me count my blessings every single night. 

We had a nice lunch outside Saturday. Any day this girl can wear her "pajamas" is a great day. 

Check out this preppy boy after church today. I need to do a "many faces of Bennett" post,  I think.

Friday, April 10, 2015

WalMart with Two Kids

I don't know if you've ever taken two kids, one of whom can't sit up in the buggy yet, to Walmart. If you have, I don't have to say anything else. If you haven't, let me tell ya, it'll leave you frazzled. 

I have learned that it is MUCH easier and faster if the biggest kid is in the buggy. 

That means, if I'm going to buy any groceries, the little one has to be here. He'd never seen WalMart from this vantage point, so he was very entertained. 

This one was over it and ready to go home. 

All of that people watching and whipping his head from side to side left him worn out. The mama, however, is definitely the one who needs to rest after a trip to WalMart.