Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gymnastics, Here We Come

Avery Claire had her first gymnastics class today. We were unsure about how she would do, but she loved every second. Aidan and Emily (Mrs. Susan's daughter) were there. Mrs. Susan showed her around and helped her get comfortable. I'm not sure she'd have gone like such a big girl without Mrs. Susan! Thankful she was there!

Thanks, Elaine, for getting her first back flip in action!!

Your first class is a trial to make sure the child likes it and will participate. She was such a big girl. I had to fight back tears because she just pranced around that gym and was so big and grown-y. I was so proud of her and at the same time just wanted to keep her little. 
She was so upset when it was time to go and had to be convinced, maybe even bribed a little, to get her to the car. I love that she loved it. 

(In case you're wondering, the scene was very similar to Dance Moms.) :-)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cooking Up a Splash Pad Plan with Lydia

I told Avery Claire before school that we would go to the splash pad this afternoon. When she got in the car, she told me her friend Lydia was going, too. Apparently, they had a big conversation about it at school. When I asked Lydia's mom, she said they hadn't planned to, but could. 

These two had a ball together. I'm afraid of the trouble they could get into if they were left to themselves for about 5 minutes!

By the way, the girl in the background was a hoot. She kept asking the girls for their toys. Of course, they put her in place when she got bossy and got her a toy from the bag that they weren't using. That watering can is the one she PUT IN HER MOUTH and CHEWED on. If your child is at the splash pad, park, etc, and playing with other kids, let her know it's not a good idea to chew on their toys when you are 9. Nor is it a great idea to try on their goggles. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013


There is nothing better than a relaxing weekend at home with my sweet little family. I'm one blessed girl.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things....or not

We're slowly getting back in the swing of things, but it's been harder than ever to let summer go. We're still hitting the splash pad in the afternoons occasionally!

Avery Claire tripped over a box of toys in her playroom and got a nice big, swollen lip.

We were doing breathing treatments after 2 days at school. It may be a long fall/winter around here!

Cozy night at home with my loves.

Time at the park

Love this girl absolutely to pieces!!

Dinner at home with the Haithcocks. I love that sweet Aidan plays so well and has so much patience with Avery Claire!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School 2013

Avery Claire went back to school today. I actually go back tomorrow, but she has been asking to go and was so excited. I figured I'd let her go today and pick her up before nap time. I told myself it was good to let her go while I was nearby in case she needed me. Really, it was better for me to be able to cry like a baby on a morning when I didn't have to go to work right afterwards.

She had an awesome day and loves her new teacher, Ms. Belinda. Can you tell she had lots to say about her first day?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here we go again...

With catching up, I mean....

Let me catch up with the last couple of weeks of summer, which went by in 2.3 seconds!!

We spent time with sweet friends, lots of time outside, at the splash pad, got lots of rain, tried to get ready to go back to school....

Abby, Avery Claire, and Chloe at the movies

Goggle eyes

Blair, Brent, and Jana came to spend the afternoon on their way to Huntsville.

After church

Avery Claire wanted to take our pic (after D had changed).

We tried to make it to Pt. Mallard, but just played with Chambless and his friend Turner instead because it rained. And kept raining.

I took Avery Claire to meet Nana and she went to Clay County for a few days...

Mommy and Daddy had a date night.

And were so glad to see her when Mema brought her home!!!!

Chuck E. Cheese

Busy days = exhausted girl

Lunch dates

Pool day with friends

See, I told you!! This was just after one heavy rain. Our yard didn't look like this all the time!

Papa and Daddy went to Kentucky to check on the hunting land, so we had a girls' night and day.

We got our nap mat personalized after an entire year of using it.

And it's time to go back to school! Where, oh where, has summer gone?!!?!?!!!