Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bye-Bye Bottle

We've made the transition from formula to whole milk pretty easily over the course of about a week. Giving up the bottle has worried me. I gave Bennett a bottle Sunday night, kinda sorta thinking it might be his last one. I sent a bottle to school, just in case, but put his milk in sippy cups. So far, he hasn't had a bottle. And I think maybe we're over the worst of it. But, I'll be honest, he wants a bottle in the mornings and before bed. He doesn't even take a bottle to fall asleep, but it's almost like his little body knows it needs one before it can be ready to go to sleep. So, if you see him with one, don't judge him (or us) for falling off the wagon. We're trying.

And why does this girl look 10? 


Anonymous said...

Our sweet babies are growing up too fast! Love them bunches! Nana

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